Top Internet Monitoring Software Comparison

This article reviews top accountability and monitoring software apps to assist in protecting your family from inappropriate or otherwise objectionable material online.

The internet has the best of both worlds. Technology and the internet can either help liberate humanity or it can be used to perpetuate suffering that humanity is experiencing. The internet can be used for good and the internet can be used to harm.

It is all about intention. 

In my first book Break Free of Chains: How to Help Your Child Recover from Pornography Addiction, I write about a holistic approach to monitoring your child’s use of the internet. It involves building your relationship with your child, listening and validating your child’s feelings and emotions, and having and enforcing house and internet rules. (Click here to purchase the book.)

If you choose to filter or monitor your child’s use of the internet, consider the following accountability and monitoring software. These particular apps made it on my list because the companies provide excellent products, helpful customer service, and advanced cybersecurity; they are responsive to their customer’s needs. And the technology continues to get better, making it easier to set up and follow through with what the apps are reporting.

When you purchase a subscription to a software program through my blog, I receive a small percentage of that for my referral. (Click here to read my full disclaimer on affiliate links.) I do not endorse one program over the other, and if quality accountability software was freely available on the internet, I would include that on this list as well.

Avoiding favoritism for one software program or another, I support the online safety of your family. It is your choice about how you approach that. The following includes reputable accountability and monitoring apps that you can use to monitor your child’s use of technology, specifically the internet. I only choose companies that offer responsive customer service and demonstrate the willingness to accommodate the needs of their customers. I only include software that is designed for both macOS and Windows.

All of the products I review involve internet monitoring and activity reporting to a parent, Significant Other, or likewise accountability partner. Further, I only review products that include HTTPS safety encryption and similar data privacy methods. Other than that, each product functions a little bit differently. 


Accountable2You is internet accountability software designed for individuals and families. It monitors internet activity, sends comprehensive activity reports, tracks the duration of usage, and identifies GPS location. Accountable2You features detailed monitoring, instant alerts, and advanced customization. It specifically does not filter the internet, which helps teach the individual, in the long run, to make better decisions.

Available on Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Kindle, Linux, macOS, and Windows.

Click here to read my full review on Accountable2You. 


Bark is parental internet monitoring software specifically designed for families. It monitors internet activity, social media, text messages, and emails of the minor child. Bark features screen time management, web filtering, and parental alerts. Very similar to the other internet monitoring apps, Bark includes monitoring, detecting, alerting, and managing your child’s online behavior. Bark is also designed to alert a parent to potential mental health symptoms that the child is communicating about online.

Available on Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Kindle, macOS, and Windows. 

Click here to read my full review on Bark. 

Covenant Eyes

Covenant Eyes is internet accountability software designed for individuals, couples, and families. It blocks inappropriate or harmful material, monitors internet activity, and sends out accountability reports. Covenant Eyes features screen monitoring, screenshot analysis, screenshot processing, and activity reporting. Covenant Eyes is designed to help protect your child from exposure to inappropriate or otherwise obscene material online; it also can help reduce and eliminate an individual’s use of internet pornography.

Available on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows.

Click here to read my full review on Covenant Eyes. 

Ever Accountable

Ever Accountable is internet accountability software designed for individuals and families. It monitors internet activity, sends accountability reports, and encourages open communication as a key to recovery. Ever Accountable emphasizes internet transparency, human connection, and healthy decision-making. Ever Accountable is designed to assist individuals in overcoming their psychological dependency on internet pornography. 

Available on Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Kindle, macOS, and Windows.

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Here is a comparison chart:

Accountable2YouBark Covenant EyesEverAccountable
Accountability partnersunlimited
Activity reporting
Block apps
Customer SupportOnline and email
GPS location tracking
Instant notifications
Internet accountability
Internet filteringNoMobile-only
Life resources
Refund policy10 day free trial7-day free trial30-day guaranteeCustomer satisfaction
Screen accountabilityNo
Screen time management
Search engine reporting
Secure HTTPS encrypted
Social media app monitoringLimitedAndroid
Uninstall/tampering alertsLimited, password protected
Accountable2YouBarkCovenant EyesEverAccountable
Click here to read a full description of each feature.

The aforementioned accountability and monitoring software programs function in similar ways. If you choose to employ accountability, filtering, or monitoring software to ensure your child’s online safety, look at your needs and preferences and line those up to a software program that meets most of them. 

If you need assistance with identifying your needs and preferences and how you can use such technology to help protect your child online, do not hesitate to contact me about my coaching services.

When looking for internet accountability and monitoring software, what is the most important thing to your family and you? What is a barrier that you foresee implementing an app as such for your family? Share your experiences with using accountability and monitoring software and having and implementing internet rules.

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