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Ever Accountable is an internet accountability software app. It is designed to help its subscribers prevent or overcome pornography use. In short, Ever Accountable is designed for individuals, couples, and families; it offers an individual and a family plan for a yearly rate. 

Ever Accountable monitors internet browsing and app activity. It automatically updates the parent or accountability partners. Along with a life resource blog, the program encourages meaningful discussions about important topics.

Here is a detailed list of the features that are available with Ever Accountable. I am in direct correspondence with the support staff at Ever Accountable and X3Watch, which is now integrated into Ever Accountable. So, this information is directly from the company. I am just formatting in a way that saves you time and assists you in your decision-making process.

Accountability partnersUsers can invite accountability partners to receive weekly reports.
Activity reportingYes
Block appsNo
Customer SupportOnline and via email. No phone support. 
CustomizableSome options. 
GPS location trackingNo
Instant notificationsYes
Internet accountabilityYes
Internet filteringMobile-only
Refund policyNo formal policy. Orient toward customer satisfaction. “We rarely deny a refund.”
Life resourcesYes, blogs, resources for Accountability Partners.
Screenshot accountabilityYes, screenshot monitoring and reporting for Android and macOS.
Screen time managementNo
Search engine reportingPart of website monitoring.
Secure HTTPS encryptedYes. Payment systems, servers, and customer data are all protected. 
Social media app monitoringAndroid only.
Uninstall/tampering alertsYes. 
Click here to read a full description of each feature.

Available on Android, ChromeOS, iOS, Kindle, macOS, and Windows.

From my experience with Ever Accountable, they are very professional and very helpful.

After reviewing your family’s needs and the features of Ever Accountable, if you come to the conclusion that Ever Accountable is right for your family and you, please click here to purchase a subscription to Ever Accountable. That is, I do receive a small percentage of that subscription fee. Conclusively, affiliate sales allow me to continue creating valuable content that is available at no cost to the general public. (Click here to read my full disclaimer on affiliate links.)

If you need assistance identifying your family’s needs, do not hesitate to contact me about my coaching services. I have plenty of experience providing therapy and coaching for families and couples.

If you have experience using this app or another similar one, please share your experience with it. Does this software app meet the needs of your family? Please share your experience below.

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